I thought it would be fun to show you how I use my camera lenses throughout a wedding day. My wedding day lenses are shared between Brian and I with myself getting the use the lens of my choice, while he alternates between the other ones depending on what part of the day we are photographing. I will soon be blogging about how Brian and I work together on the wedding day, so be on the watch for that upcoming post!

This is both Brian and I’s favorite lens. It is usually on my or his camera all day long and it was also the first “L series” Canon lens I ever bought. I would probably have to show you an entire gallery since it is used so much, but I have a few of my favorites from Brooke and Robert’s South Louisiana wedding day.

My go to lens for your pretty details because it can get sooo close and actually show the details and it is really fun to use.

THE 70-200MM
Ceremony, me in the back. Brian usually has the 50mm standing to the right of the groom to catch his reaction while I get the bride walking in and the rest of the ceremony from the back of the room.

Our 35 goes on and off throughout the day. Either Brian or I will have it on during getting ready but once the reception starts it stays on my camera.

On occasion I will use the 85mm RF lens, if I have it, and it is fast becoming my favorite lens for portraits. It’s so creamy and beautiful!

And that is how our lenses get us through the wedding day. If you ever hear Brian and I shouting random numbers to each other, now you know why.