Being a wedding photographer and attending multiple weddings a year is such an adventure. You would think it would be the same over and over but it is not. Every wedding and every couple is different and unique in their own way. I’m always excited to hear about the wedding planning and all the details my brides have planned. Although every wedding is different for me, what stays the same are my values as a wedding photographer. I have to keep my photography view close to me or I would feel lost and weddings would become “just a job”.

There are a few values that I hold on to that makes me the wedding photographer I am and how I serve my couples.

First, when I am photographing a wedding I am constantly looking for moments.

For me, moments rank way above a perfectly composed or a perfectly lit photograph. Moments are what you will look back on years down the road and remember the feeling or emotion. An emotional moment, whether it be a big laugh or tears, caught in a photograph is what I aim to get at every wedding, every session.

My favorite photos are not posed or predicted but they are raw, pure moments that happened.

I am looking to photograph moments over photo perfection as one of my photography view as a wedding photographer.
A bride laughing with her bridesmaids during their first look is am important moment.
Catching moments is important to my photography view.

Second, connecting with my couples is very important.

Brian and I are very purposeful when it comes to getting to know our couples. He is so much more than a talker than I am and many times I will tell him to stop talking so I can take a picture. I, on the other hand, am an introvert and love being quiet and behind the scenes (part of why I love wedding photography) but I do allow myself to break out of my shell and let my weird, quirky jokes fly when meeting couples for the first time. It is important for you to know me as much as it is for me to know you. We will be together in your most intimate moments on the wedding day and we need to trust each other.

Connecting with my couples is important to my photography view as a wedding photographer.

Last but not least, have fun.

We love our couples and it is a priority for us to all have fun. A wedding is a celebration of a lifetime commitment with friends and family to support you and your love…it is a great way to start life together, so let’s have fun with that.

We want you to enjoy your day.

We want to laugh and cry with you.

We want to celebrate with you.

Getting your wedding details perfect are part of my photography view as a wedding photographer.

If you are struggling to find a wedding photographer that is the right fit and this post resonates with you, contact me…I would love to hear about your wedding plans and be your wedding photographer! Click here to read reviews my past couples have written.