I think it is fun understanding the process of things – how something is made or the growing life of a seed to a beautiful flower. I have a photography process that happens to every photo I deliver and I wanted to share how I edit my photos.

I am shooting for a fine art, light and airy film style. When I photograph a couple or bride I try to keep everything neutral in camera – nothing too bright or too dark.

As you can see, there is a big difference between the before and after. The before photo is what we call flat with not much punch to it. I like to bump down the highlights and whites while keeping the exposure a tad on the bright side. I edit for skin tone and then tweak the rest always making sure skin stays soft and pretty.

After looking at skin tones, I check my greens and we battle for a few minutes. I like my greens to not be dominate and have a softer glow so I tone them down a bit to a cooler hue.

Another thing I keep my eye on while editing is how straight the horizon lines or tree trunks are. I am the world’s worst at taking crooked pictures…all the time. I do try to make it perfect in camera, but it’s really not a #1 priority to me in the moment of a photoshoot. After I straighten, I then crop as needed to get rid of any distractions in the background or to place more focus on my subject.

There you have it! A brief look into my before and afters and how I edit my photos thought process!