A wedding album is part of the products I offer for your wedding day memory keepsake.

Wedding Albums

Let’s talk about the options you have to showcase your photos with the products I offer and which are the right ones for you…could be all of above!

For book lovers, we have albums. I personally love books. In the past I tried to get into the reading on a tablet/device but it didn’t stick because I love the feel of holding a book in my hand. The albums we offer have the same feel as hold a book (well, because it is). So, should you get one?

Albums are my #1 recommended products I offer for couples. Just like a novel, a wedding album tells the story of your wedding day from beginning to the end. I design them in a storytelling way that expresses how the day looked and felt keeping in mind that someone who looks at your album that was not in attendance for your wedding gets the full story.

Technology changes so fast. What is a CD? Books are timeless and your wedding album falls into the category of never being extinct.


I believe after online gallery delivery became popular, bride and groom’s put their photos on the computer and forgot about them. Maybe sharing them online with friends and family, but not spending the extra investment to print them. Printing and holding them in your hand is a powerful to see your photos. There is just something special about a photograph on paper that feels timeless and classic.


Your wedding photographs are pieces of art. A canvas is memories hanging on your wall to see everyday to remind you of how special your marriage is. Places to hang your canvas can be above your sofa in the living room, in the bedroom above the headboard or in the home office.

All the products I offer come in many size options with customizations available. You can’t go wrong with the decision of printing your wedding photos in an album, prints to frame, or canvases to hand on the wall. If you would like to place an order from your wedding day, jump into your online gallery and print away!