Louisiana elopement photographer and how to elope.

Are you looking for another option to get married other than the big, traditional wedding? Have you considered the elopement experience but not sure what that looks like for you?

Let’s talk about the elopement experience, what it is and how you can do it.

What is the elopement experience?

In a nutshell, an elopement is a personal, authentic, well planned wedding day that focuses on you. It is a day that celebrates who are as a couple and gives you freedom to experience a wedding with all the things you love most without all the distractions of a big, traditional wedding day.

An elopement can be just the two of you or a small, intimate gathering of 20 of your favorite people.

It can be anywhere, anytime without any expectations or production.

Where do I elope?

Anywhere you want. You can stay in your hometown and go to all your favorites places. Fly or drive to your favorite city and stay at an Airbnb while exploring everything it has to offer. Rent a beach house for the week, relax and enjoy some down time together. You can elope in the mountains, on the beach, on a rooftop, in a backyard, at a hotel…anywhere that is meaningful to you!

The elopement experience that you choose a destination.

What does an elopement day look like?

You wake up in the morning in a fabulous Airbnb drinking coffee and taking it slow before getting ready for the day. Or you are relaxing on the porch of a cabin by the lake or catching the sunrise at your beach house. Maybe your groom is with you, maybe not…the choice is yours.

Mid-morning you begin hair, makeup and getting dressed.

The First Look is approaching, you are excited and nervous. This is the moment when it hits home that you are getting married today! The day you have planned and dreamed about is finally here.

After the First Look, you exchange gifts and cards. Maybe you had loved ones write letters for this day and you read them together.

It’s time to get married. Read your handwritten vows to each other and say I do.

Spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want. Hire a private chef to cook your dinner. Have your first dance by a campfire and roast marshmallows afterwards. Walk the beach while looking for seashells. Explore new trails.

Dream up the most fun, amazing day and create that for your wedding day. Go all out! It is your wedding day and it can be as luxurious or simple as you want.

Just some other elopement talk…

As your elopement experience photographer I will be with you throughout your day, documenting all the excitement and making it all about you. I want these pictures to be memories of your best day ever.

An elopement is not about excluding family and friends, it is about having a day focus on love and you as a couple. Having a big wedding is not wrong if it’s your dream, but if it’s not what you envisioned your wedding day to be like, it is okay.

This is your wedding day and choosing an elopement doesn’t take away that fact. You are getting married in a way that is authentic to you as a couple and having a wedding experience that focuses on what you value.

Elopements are not a secretive bad thing like they were made to be in years past. Choosing to elope and forgo the stress of traditions and expectations of a big wedding is also a decision to be celebrated. Everyone is not a big wedding couple.

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If the elopement experience sounds like a great idea to you, I would love to have a conversation! Feel free to contact me with any questions.