Your wedding day details are important to capture.

How do we get the memories of your wedding day details – all the beautiful jewelry you wore on the wedding day plus all the other important things that made your wedding day unique? It’s not by chance…we plan for everything to be at the getting ready location gathered together for easy accessibility. Let’s talk about what your need to bring for your details so you also can have these pictures.

Casey’s hair clip from the wedding day ~ see her wedding images here.

A brides wedding day detail of the hair clip she wore.

As you prepare for this unforgettable day, consider bringing not just your dress and shoes but also curate a collection of meaningful accessories, including captivating earring stacks. And, just as you plan for the perfect accessories, explore the world of earrings online to discover a curated selection that resonates with your style. These online treasures not only add a touch of individuality to your bridal ensemble but also become timeless keepsakes, beautifully captured in the memories frozen by the lens, ensuring your wedding day remains eternally adorned with elegance and significance.

The easiest way to gather your items for me (it is the first thing I photograph when I arrive at your getting ready location) is to collect them in a bridal bag (or box). Your bag will have everything I need to start the day from what you are wearing to your bouquets.

The reason I like to photograph your wedding day details is because it tells the story of your day. It’s the beginning of your wedding day journey because more than likely, most of these items are what you picked out soon after your engagement. It usually has a theme that matches your wedding day ~ whether it be glam, classic, or vintage.

Here is what you should include in your bridal bag:

Have all three with you (his wedding band, your wedding band and engagement ring). Also, include any other rings and jewelry you will be wearing such as bracelets, earrings and necklace.

Your invitation makes a great focal point and background image for the other details. It will tie in with the theme of the day. Include everything you mailed to your guests etc., custom stamps, ribbon, etc.

Include your shoes as I know you put a lot of thought into what to wear with your wedding gown!

Images below from Anna and Coplen’s wedding day at White Oak Venue.

Ask your florist to provide some loose blooms and sprigs to include with your details images. I will also need your bouquet.

If we didn’t take a photo of your wedding dress at the bridal session, we will get a photo of it at the start of the day. To prepare your dress for pictures, take out the cardboard, tissue paper, and plastic. Provide us your hanger if you bought a special one…otherwise we always have some cute hangers with us.

Bride's wedding ring on the wedding invitation.

Anything that is important to you such as heirloom items, handkerchiefs, or pins. Also include hair pins, perfume, etc.

Think ahead and have these items collected at your home and bring them with you. It is a great stress reliever to know everything is together and ready to go before your wedding day compared to trying to gather everything last minute!