Tim’s sister introduced them when Tim came to visit from out of town in September of 2019. Tim lived in Florida, but Jenni lived in Monroe, so they got to know each other by talking on the phone. After a visit to Florida from Nevada and then Tim meeting her parents, Jenni knew he was the one (he says he knew she was the one in November).

They continued doing long distance for a few months until Tim was offered a job in Monroe and made the move. He proposed on a day trip to Natchez, Mississippi.

Tim had the ring for a few weeks and had been trying to surprise her by proposing after she closed on the house she was buying. Unfortunately, the closing kept getting delayed. Finally, Tim decided to take her to Natchez for a day and propose there.

In Natchez, a homeless man on the street gave Tim a painted rock and told him to give it to her and “say something special.” Tim turned, paused and said “Um, here you go” and gave her the painted rock. After they had a good laugh, Jenni joked that she was going to post a picture of the painted rock on social media with the caption “Look at this fancy rock Tim gave me” as a joke.

As she was about to post it, Tim said “Well, I actually have a real question for you…” and then he proposed. After she asked him if he was joking several times, Jenni said yes! Jenni’s dad is still not convinced Tim didn’t hire the homeless man to give us the rock.

So far their relationship has survived long distance, a tornado, a global pandemic, civil unrest, and two hurricanes. They are so excited to see what else gets thrown at them once they get married!