Sending off a bride and groom with a sparkler exit at the end of the wedding day is one of the most playful moments of the entire day. There are a couple things you should know if you are planning to do a sparkler exit.

Buy the right sparklers
The ones you played with as kids will not cut it because they burn too fast. You will want to use the long, slow burning sparklers so your guests have enough time to light them and hold them high above your head, safety first ;). Here is a website that gives options for wedding sparklers and accessories.

When to do the sparkler exit
My suggestion is to do it when there are ample guests left to really showcase the sparklers and their glorious light. The more the merrier is a good sparkler exit motto! As your photographer, when I see some guests start to leave the venue I will mention the sparkler exit to you. We will then start planning the exit with your coordinator for handing them out and your DJ/Band to make an announcement to your guests as to where to go.

Sparkler exits are so fun for your guests and a great memory for you as well!