Oh my. It’s your wedding day. Who ordered the rain? No worries…we can do this!

I’ve seen a few rainy wedding days, here is one. Sometimes it’s just raining all day but sometimes it just happens…right after your wedding coordinator has set up all your outdoor seating and decor and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

A few tips that might help ~

I feel like this is obvious, but watch the weather forecast. Don’t assume because it’s your wedding day that it will be a humid free, 72 degree, sunny day. The more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be.

While at your venue site visit, ask them about their rain plans. Usually they do have an alternate area for your ceremony and guests to stay dry.

Here comes the rain, so why not go ahead and coordinate everyone’s umbrellas for them. You can buy those awesome clear umbrellas for your guests, but most definitely get a pair for yourselves. They look great photographed because you can still see through them and are not as distracting.

Another must have are rain boots. Normally, wedding shoes are not made for rain and mud, so grab a cute pair of rain boots before your wedding day – here is a pair of Hunter rain boots in white. For some reason, I own three pairs of rain boots so I can give other recommendations if needed.

My last tip, stay calm. Like I said, there is nothing you can do about the rain but watch it. Rain does not ruin a wedding day, it just makes it more unique to your special day that will be filled with love, fun, and laughter no matter the weather!