There is so much information on the web about choosing your outfits for your engagement pictures. Pinterest is a great place to get some inspiration – I have a board available for what to wear for your engagement pictures.

There are a few guidelines when it comes to picking out your outfits as couple and I’ll list them here:

Think “coordinating” instead of “matching”. Twins like to match, but you want to coordinate colors.

If one person wears a pattern, the other should wear a solid while choosing a color from the pattern.

Wear the same season. It’s sometimes confusing to see one person wearing a long sleeve and the other in shorts.

Speaking of shorts, don’t wear them. Stick to jeans.

Above all, wear clothes that you are comfortable in and dress in your style. I always suggest to my couples to choose two outfits…one casual and one super fancy, like a suit & and a flowing dress. Your casual outfit still should be dressed up with accessories and maybe heels.

After your engagement session, go ahead and take that night out on the town! I have a few great restaurant suggestions!