wedding photography timeline tips

There are so many things to consider while making your wedding day timeline. With all the going ons of the day, you want it to flow smooth and not have any surprises or not enough time to do the things you were really looking forward to.

I work with all my couples about one month before their wedding date to ensure we are on the same page about how the wedding day will unfold. Here are a few things to consider and some questions I ask ~

Are you wanting to do a first look?
I go into detail about whether or not a first look is right for you here. The answer to this question determines what time your hair & makeup will end, which is when I start my photography day. Usually with a first look, I begin around 4 hours before the ceremony. With a traditional aisle reveal, I will begin photography 2 hours before the ceremony.

Are you wanting to do any other first looks, ex., with dad, or your bridesmaids?
While these other first looks do not take as much time as the first look with your significant other (because we also take pre-wedding portraits at that time), it is still time to consider and add to your wedding day timeline.

How far apart are your getting ready, ceremony, and reception locations?
Driving from place to place takes time, but the packing up everyone is where the time will get away from you.

More on getting ready…the part of the day that I’ve seen over and over crush a wedding day timeline is hair and makeup. Your hair stylist and makeup artists have a big job to do, so I would suggest starting 30-45 minutes earlier, especially if you have more than 4 bridesmaids, than planned to ensure everyone is complete on time and have time for any touch ups needed before photos begin.

How long will your ceremony be?
While most ceremonies will be around 30 minutes, some more traditional church ceremonies will be 45-60 minutes. Ask your officiant how long it will be and add in time for other things to take place such singing, communion, etc.

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