Mansion at Red Hill bridal pictures.

I get so excited to see an inquiry pop up in my email even after almost 10 years of photographing weddings! So, let’s talk about what happens after I open up your email.

Step One
I’m not sure if these should be listed as steps, but being a bit of an organization freak, let’s just go with it.

The first thing I look at is your wedding date and if I am available or not. If I am not available due to other bookings, I will let you know ASAP. If I am available, you will receive my pricing and other wedding information via email. I will show you all my pricing, there is nothing hidden 🙂

As far as when to book, I suggest around 1 year – 8 months before your wedding date. You need time to get your engagement and bridal pictures taken and I think that booking timeline is sufficient. There will also be a greater chance your wedding photographer will be available if you book as early as possible, same goes for your venue.

Step Two
After you have had a chance to look over my pricing and made your decision on the wedding collection that fits your day the best, contact me and then we’ll begin the booking process.

Step Three
The booking process has begun! And by process, I mean simply reading and signing our wedding photography agreement, choosing your wedding collection, and paying your retainer fee to reserve the wedding date in my calendar. All this is completed online in one email that I will send as soon as you tell me you are ready to book.

Step Four
The paper work is done and now it’s time to begin your wedding photography journey by planning your upcoming engagement and bridal sessions! How exciting!! Here is an engagement session to take a look at and also a bridal session.

Let me know if you have any questions about booking me as your wedding photographer. As you can see, I have it all ready for you!