Kiroli Park Engagement pictures with Allison and John Thomas

These Kiroli Park engagement pictures are so fun to look through! Our favorite thing about engagement sessions is getting to know our couples before the wedding day…and it’s so interesting to look back at the photos and know what we talked about, what we were laughing about, and what we learned about them.

Every couple and every engagement session is different and that is what makes it exciting. Our couples have no idea what to expect from us and we have no idea how the session will flow. But what we (Brian and I) do know is that 100% of the time we will have a great time chatting about the upcoming wedding and laughing about random things.

Our time with Allison and John Thomas included talking about pancakes & bacon, Pinterest boards, and what they would be doing instead of strolling around Kiroli Park hand in hand taking engagement pictures. We also had to have a serious talk about Photoshop since Allison slid into home base during a softball game days before the session and how I would need to edit the scratches off her leg. Ha, it wasn’t serious, but we did talk about it!

I know their upcoming wedding will be easy between us since they now know about our posing techniques and we now know that they are a great couple and fun to walk around with. Looking forward to spending the day with Allison, John Thomas and all their family and friends!

Here are a few of my favorites from their Kiroli Park engagement session ~ btw, you can’t even tell it is 1,000 degrees and we were all dying from Louisiana heat and humidity!

If you are engaged and on the fence about engagement photos, fill out the contact page and let me talk you through the advantages of doing one!