What a fun day! I enjoyed this intimate home wedding in West Monroe, La, so much…seeing couples in their own space makes for a relaxed and fun wedding day. See my favorites from their intimate home wedding below!

The Meeting
We met through a mutual friend that Neal works with.

The Proposal
We knew we wanted to get married almost immediately. I guess knowing what you want is the beauty of being in this season of life (40’s). We had talked about it but he completely surprised me when he proposed.

We were own our way to pick up crawfish for a boil we were hosting that evening and he suggested we stop by Black Bayou since we were in the area and he hasn’t been in a while. I agreed since I had never been before, but always heard it was nice.

We walked out on the pier and as I was looking out over the water commenting how pretty it was, I hear him say behind me “Veronica”. When I turned around he was down on one knee and I blurted “Are you ok?” (thinking he had fallen). He pulls out a ring and asks me to marry him.

I hugged him and we both got all teary eyed. I still get chills and tears thinking about it! He said, “I guess that’s a yes?”.

The Future
Honeymooning in Gatlinburg, TN!

  • CEREMONY VENUE | At home
  • RECEPTION VENUE | Intimate home wedding
  • WEDDING COLORS | Ivory, Dusty Rose, Rusty Peach…Muted Fall Colors
  • HAIR | Holly Brooke Epperson
  • MAKEUP ARTIST | Brittany Dye
  • FLORAL DESIGN | Tammy Moore
  • CAKES | Tammy Moore
  • DJ | Shawn Oglesby