Choosing a location or venue for your wedding is a big decision…where should you get married and what should you consider when choosing your dream wedding location?

St Lucia is a beautiful destination for weddings when deciding where should you get married.

When thinking of vacation destinations, where does your mind go first?

On vacation, do you love walking around and shopping the streets of a busy city? Is waking up with a cup coffee and sitting out on a rustic porch overlooking the mountains something you dream about? Maybe spending the evening watching the sunset disappear behind the ocean horizon is your thing.

Answering these questions will help lead you to decide what kind of location you would choose for your wedding. In a Downtown location, a field with a tent set up, or a destination wedding by the beach.

Scrolling through Instagram, what images make you stop and look?

There is a lot on Instagram. I know for me, there are very few images that make me stop and really take in what is being captured. I personally love a clean photo with no distractions and beautiful soft light. What makes you stop scrolling and take in a photo? Is it beautiful architecture? A forest with light shining through the trees? The sun sparkling on the waves at the beach? Think about what it is that is grabbing your attention and making you want to be there.

An outdoor wedding under the canopy of trees.

What kind of music reflects who you will be as a married couple?

Classical? Country? Indie? The options are endless here but it could help point you to the destination or location that best reflects you as a couple. I am a huge believer in making your wedding about you as a couple and making decisions based on what you like and not doing things just because it has been done 1,000 times before and is expected.

Where do you shop for clothes?

This question leads to your personal style. We make decisions about our clothing based on how we want to be portrayed to others, so it speaks a lot to your style. Again, so many choices – boho, classic and sophisticated, casual and comfortable, cozy and neutral. When your guests leave your wedding for the evening they should leave knowing more about your couple relationship and what you both enjoy together. For instance, I attended a wedding where milk and cookies were served along side the dinner because that is what the couple snacked on while having a quiet evening at home together.

Choose unique items that reflect you as a couple for wedding.

I hope thinking on these few questions can help lead you to choosing the perfect location to get married. So now, the question of where should you get married is answered…you can move on to other big decisions.