Rip Van Winkle Garden engagement session in New Iberia, La.

Wedding days are full of a lot events to be photographed and I wanted to give you the inside details of how Brian and I work together on a wedding day.

We both have our jobs as individuals and also team jobs we do together. It took us a few weddings to get proficient and to be honest…confident, to break off into our individual jobs but we figured it out and this is what works best for us. Here is the layout of how Brian and I work together on a wedding day ~

Starting from the day before a wedding, I (Kim) will get all of our equipment out and begin charging the batteries for my and his camera (I use the Canon R6 and he uses Canon Mark III) and the batteries for the ProPhoto B1. Brian’s job is to keep up with the non-rechargeable batteries for our other flashes and tell me if we need to stop by CVS and buy new ones…which I secretly hope for because then I can buy snacks for the day.

After everything is charged and accounted for Brian will pack the car the day of the wedding before we start getting dressed for the day.

Arriving at the getting ready/ceremony venue, we gather the bride’s wedding details together (Brian helps me with hanging the dress). I begin taking photos of the details and he moves on with taking photos of the girls getting ready. After I have finished the details, I take over his role with the girls and he moves on to the groomsmen if they have arrived or getting the ceremony details.

I will stay with the bride while getting photographs of her dressing with her loved ones. Brian is with the groom while he gets dressed with the guys and then we meet up for the bride and groom First Look.

After the First Look, Brian and I will stay together for the rest of the day but we have different tasks we need to accomplish. I am the main photographer for all the posed, formal portraits of the wedding party and family. Brian will stay on the side taking candid photos and help with gathering and posing the groups. I tend to stand in one place while he is bouncing around.

After formals, we then prepare for the wedding ceremony, deciding on who gets what lens and planning out our places without being distracting to the guests. While these two things can change based on the venue layout, our general placement never changes. We both start at the front of the ceremony with me being the main photographer for the processional and he is getting candids.

As soon as the bride begins walking down the aisle, I’ll move to the back to ensure I’m not in the way of Brian or the groom’s view and Brian stays at the front. Brian’s primary job at this moment (and dare I say, the most important job of the ENTIRE day) is to get the groom’s reaction seeing his bride walk down the aisle….no pressure, Brian. I am also photographing the groom at this point, from the back.

Groom seeing his bride at wedding ceremony walking down the aisle.

Ceremony is over and it’s time for sunset portraits…my favorite part of the day. We take the newly married couple away for a few minutes so they can take in the fact that they just got married and just be together for a moment without people looking on.

I take the primary lead as photographer, couple poser and location finder. Brian is taking candids on the side and also assisting with the bride’s dress and veil when needed.

Bride and groom portraits at the First Look.

Onward to Reception…now it’s time to party.

I prepare for the bride and groom entrance while Brian sets up our lighting situation. After he is set, we both take a lead role during the reception. He’s doing his thing, I’m doing mine during dances and cake cutting. We are responsible for taking different shots during the tosses…Brian shoots the tosser and I shoot the toss-ees (??), i.e., the catchers.

For the send off, I am the only one with a camera. Brian is in charge of the lighting and making sure the couple is properly lit for me to focus in the dark.

Annnddd….the day is over for us! It takes a lot of team work, patience, trust and confidence from each of us to tackle a wedding day. I hope I didn’t bore you to death with how we work together on a wedding day…but if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!

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