Hiring a photographer that you can trust to take photos anytime during the day, outdoors and get beautiful photos is important. Any professional, seasoned photographer should be capable to accomplish that. But there is a time of day that we love – when the light is so magical and glowy.

The magic light is when the sun is lower in the sky and right before sunset. It’s not at sunset because by that point you’ve missed it…it’s the moments right before. I always schedule my session about 2 hours before the sun sets so that we usually do get two types of lighting. The beginning of the session we get that bright, fun sun and then it shifts to a moody, romantic sun towards the end of the session. On wedding days, I will advise what part of the day we should take Bride and Groom portraits and sometimes it will be a different part of the day than the family and wedding party portraits.

Take a look at this engagement session that ended with the most romantic sunset photos.