About me: I am minimalistic. About my gear bag: It’s also minimalistic.

The end. Well, I can explain further about my gear choices below.

Camera Bodies
I have two pictured, but I own three. My third camera body is the classic Canon 5D. It’s a great camera, but since it is the oldest, its job is only to be used if the others failed in some way.

Canon R6 & Canon 5D Mark III
I used the Mark III for most of my photography career and absolutely love it. It has been passed down to Brian, but I am SUPER jealous he gets to use it. I recently purchased the R6 and I’m still learning to like it. I just suggested to Brian that I might sell it and get the Mark IV – still on the fence about that decision. **EDIT** I have decided to keep the R6! There are many things I’ve grown to love about it and it will stay in my bag, for now.

My lenses
This section shows how simple I can be. I don’t own much because I don’t see the need to carry around lenses that I don’t use regularly. All these lenses shown below get the HECK used out of them. My love for the 35mm really shows, since I own two of them. I have shot an entire wedding (except the ceremony) with only the 35mm. I like the wide angle and I’m also not afraid to get close to people when I need a close up. Brian uses the 50mm most of the day. I think my next lens purchase would be the 100mm or 85mm….., I really don’t know and am not in any hurry for a new one since all these are really my favorites.

Shown below:
Canon 35mm 2.0, Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 70-200mm, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Business Cards
I’ve been in business since 2012. It’s now 2021 and I finally have business cards for the first time. I rarely get asked for one, but the few times I have been asked, I feel so unprofessional for not having one handy. So, now I introduce the more professional side of my gear bag…the business card.

Another type of card – Memory Card
While I can have enough lenses, I cannot have enough memory cards. These are where all your photos are stored during shoots and wedding days. I put a lot of trust in these cards. They have seen many faces and actually told me they LOVE each and every one of you!

I do carry other things in my bag such as batteries, batteries, and more batteries. We have another bag that has all our flashes, more batteries, and other accessories that rarely get used.

If you have any questions about the gear I use, shoot me a comment below! I’d love to chat.