A conversation with a trusted and professional wedding planner that I have worked with at multiple weddings. I’m excited for you to hear from Adrienne Steele with Sage Events & Design.

What inspired your decision to get into the wedding industry?
I have always enjoyed the Special Event Industry.  When I was hired as the Event Director at English Turn Country Club in New Orleans, I really enjoyed the “behind the scenes” experience that most never get to see.  I loved the way things fell into place and how all the moving parts worked together.  When I moved to NELA I found there was a  need for a full service wedding planning business so I jumped in.

What services do you offer?
From just directing the Ceremony, to Day of Services, to complete and full planning of the wedding.

What is the difference in hiring you to coordinate a wedding compared to planning a wedding?
A Wedding Coordinator really deals ONLY  with day of services for Reception (i.e. directing and instructing vendors on wedding day).  A Wedding Director handles Rehearsal and Ceremony. During the planning process you have complete access to the wedding planner.  We are there with you every step of the way.  Constantly tracking your budget, keeping you on task, guiding you and advising through all the decisions.  Scheduling meet and greets, site visits and cake tastings for you.  Basically over seeing the event from start to finish.    

For a couple who is undecided about hiring a wedding planner, what would you tell them?
I would advise a couple that is undecided to consider the benefits a planner can offer you.  We have all the knowledge needed to help make the decision making process easier.  There are so many choices and options out there.  A planner can help you focus on what is best for you, your budget and your wedding day as a whole.  We can see the big picture.  If full planning doesn’t fit the budget considering Day Of Services really takes stress out of wedding day, by allowing you to enjoy your family and friends. 

Any other thoughts you would like share?
Invest in your wedding day!  Invest in your sanity! LOL Instead of having vendors and people in and out asking you all sorts of questions, enjoy your wedding day with your friends and family and let someone else handle all the little things.  It will not be stress free ( I mean come on it’s a wedding!!) but hiring a professional to get the job done will allow for your big day to flow as smooth as possible. 

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