Newborns change so quickly, so I believe it’s important to get those little baby expressions photographed. If you’re wondering when to get your newborn photos done, here’s a couple tips.

How old should my baby be for their newborn photoshoot?

I do very little posing with newborns, which is why it is called Lifestyle Newborn Photography. Since I do minimum baby poses, your baby does not have to be super sleepy – which is less stressful on mama, me and baby.

I recommend taking your newborn photos when they are around 7-20 days old. Sometimes they are very sleepy around this age but sometimes not, either way like I mentioned before babies change so quickly and you will want to remember their first few weeks of this newborn stage.

When should I schedule my newborn photoshoot?

Contact me while you are still pregnant and we can discuss your due date and my availability. If your baby is already born and my schedule is available, we can get a date for your lifestyle newborn pictures.

Here is little Ainsley at 5 days old at her in-home Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

family newborn photoshoot
5 day old newborn photoshoot
monroe newborn photography
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