Brooke and Cody married at The Meadow Wedding Barn, exchanging their own vows while friends, family, and the summer sun looked on.

The met while on a lake day. Brooke wasn’t looking to date anyone at the time, but Cody had other plans. Brooke said – I wasn’t used to someone who was that determined to impress me and get to know me so I finally gave in and gave him my number…

Since then he has never stopped trying to impress me and make me smile.

Cody proposed May 2017. He was so nervous that it didn’t go as planned. Originally he was going to take her on the dock by a pond but was so nervous he proposed as soon as they were walking out. Brooke was in such shock/excitement that she doesn’t even remember saying “yes”. The only thing she remembered saying was “Are you serious?”

Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding ~