A smooth flowing and relaxed wedding day…is it even possible?  How to create a wedding day timeline that can do just that.

Wedding couple walking through Zilker Botanical Gardens after exchanging vows in Austin, Texas.Wedding couple walking through Zilker Botanical Gardens after exchanging vows in Austin, Texas.

To begin your wedding day planning there are a few questions you should ask yourself, then based on your answer your wedding day timeline will begin to unfold.

Here are the questions:
Are you planning to see each other before the ceremony?
Would you like family photos taken before or after the ceremony?
How much photo time would you like for just the two of you?

The Wedding Day Timeline Sample

I usually begin the wedding day timeline at the place of getting hair and makeup done – about 1 hour before you are finished.  During this time, I take photos of the details like jewelry, heirlooms, invites, wedding dress and candid getting ready.

If you have chosen to see each other before the ceremony, we are then off to do that followed by family and bridal party portraits.

The guests will start to arrive by now so you will be tucked away and relaxing until the ceremony begins.

After the ceremony, we can finish up any photos that have yet to be taken.  Then, the celebration begins with friends and family at the reception.  Cake cutting, toasts, dancing will be photographed.  I will then steal you away for about 15-20 mins for end of the day photos.  After that, I will end my time with you unless there is something special planned for the end of the night.

Here’s what it looks like in the 8 hour timeline:

2-3pm Prep and detail photos
3-4pm First Look and Family Portraits
4-5pm Ceremony
5-6pm Any additional formal posed photos
6-7pm Introductions and first dance
7-8pm speeches, toasts, and entrée
8-9pm parent dances and cake cutting
9-10pm dancing
10pm end of coverage

 A smooth, relaxed wedding day happens with planning…take the guidelines above and create the perfect day for you.  After the planning, comes the celebrating and adventurous marriage!

Wedding couple pictures at sunset in a field.Wedding couple pictures at sunset in a field.