Brace yourself.  Being traditional southerners, breaking the wedding rules that we hold on so dear…this might be hard to read.

Let me slowly bring you into breaking the rules.  Currently, a trend we have today that is gaining momentum is the Bride and Groom first look.  A first look is an opportunity for the Bride and Groom to spend 15-20 minutes together privately before saying I do.  Typically for my clients, a first look happens and then bridal and family portraits are taken.  A wedding that includes a first look starts an hour or so earlier before the ceremony so that photos can be completed.  First looks are a great option for those wanting a few moments before the ceremony to themselves.

But let’s dive a little further and consider the Pre-Wedding Photo Session.  Yes, this is the big rule breaker mentioned above.

Imagine having more than a few moments…but a couple hours!  This Pre-Wedding Photo session would be very similar to an engagement session except on steroids.  Traveling around town or to a private location…the bride in her wedding gown and the groom in his suit.   If you are into having incredible wedding photos (which I hope you are!) and don’t give a second thought to superstitions or what everyone else thinks, the Pre-Wedding Photo Session may be just what you are dreaming of, but not know it yet.

A wedding day is a busy day, no matter how well planned out and timelined.  Give yourself space to breath, enjoy the elegant clothes that you spent so much money on, take time to celebrate the upcoming marriage and get some great photographs while you are at it.

If you are a rule breaker and would like to consider this exciting session, let me know.  I might have a deal for you…